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In 1587 was erected, for the will of the people, a monastery in honour of Cappuccini monks who had helped the people in difficulty: a sort of self-taxation and a great choral opera.

Charming Hotels Tuscany
Charming Hotels Tuscany

The witness of the first interventions are a stone engraving on the cistern in 1589 and the consecration of the convent in 1599. In the Middle Ages San Gimignano was a flourishing town on the Silk Road, but after that this path was diverted, the town underwent a serious crisis. We can admire the medieval appearance intact in its towers. It is good to see also the monastery and the adjacent church, La Collegiata, from which the name of the hotel, which is in a style prior to the late Renaissance. During the period of the plundering of ecclesiastical goods with the descent of Napoleon, the monastery was occupied and experienced a period of abandonment.

The tower dates back to the Nineteenth Century, and in fact it is possible to notice the different colour of the stones, which anyway come from the demolition of nearby churches and buildings. In the twentieth century the complex became a summer residence of the Guicciardini-Strozzi, as confirmed by a postcard found for the event in a flea market, portraying the image de La Collegiata, from which it is inspiration for the logo of the hotel. It was then purchased by an entrepreneur to realize a hotel but the project was not completed until, in 1988, two Florentines active in the Milano Finance decided to invest in the operation, and finally was born Hotel La Collegiata.

Charming Hotels Tuscany
Charming Hotels Tuscany
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